Openings for Designer

"Design is not for philosophy it's for life"

WANTED - Graphic Designers Fresher / Experienced

Freshers - Walk in to grow with professionals


If you're interested in Designing and having knowledge in 1. Adobe Photoshop.
2. Adobe Illustrator.
3. Corel Draw.


(If you're looking for a fertile land for your creativity - Walk in to test our various soils.)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Meet with clients or the art director to determine the scope of a project.
2. Advise clients on strategies to reach a particular audience.
3. Determine the message the design should portray.
4. Create images that identify a product or convey a message.
5. Develop graphics and visual or audio images for product illustrations, logos, and websites.
6. Create designs either by hand or using computer software packages.
7. Select colors, images, text style, and layout.
8. Present the design to clients or the art director.
9. Incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design.
10. Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them.