Content Writing

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Content Writing

Content plays the most important role to rank a website it is also referred as King among factors involved to rank websites.

Content development services including creating, developing, adapting, localization and translation content is one of most important activity of communication lifecycle. The advertising and marketing of your business is primarily based on your content. The content be it on a brochure, newsletter, product manual, website, presentation is the most important message that you send to your customers.

People on the web frequently read web content in a different way from the way they read magazines or newspapers. As understanding from the computer screen tends to strain the eyes, they just skim or scan text rather than reading it methodically verbatim.

If you are really serious about promoting your website then consider adding as much content / articles as possible to the website. In the long run this would help to build the credibility of the website and also help in establishing authority for targeted keywords.

The major advantage that content has

  • It increases the keywords density of the website

  • Almost any keyword can be targeted in the content

  • Content is always theme based as it is written around the keywords

  • Links come from within the content so these are content based links which have a better impact than traditional links

  • Content always stays on the website you don't have to worry about the content being removed

  • Content / Articles can be distributed across Article banks and resources and you can generate back links from those websites as well. So this is a dual benefit scheme: You increase the keyword density and can be used for quality one way links

  • Content can be used as Articles / Blog Posts / Press Releases / Ebook

Our Content Writing Services Include:

  • Web site content

  • Ad banners

  • Mailers

  • Flash intros

  • Slogans

  • Brochures

  • Advertising material

  • SEO Articles/ Ezine Writing

  • Press Releases / Newsletters Writing

  • Writing Blogs

  • Re-Writing Content

  • Editing Content

  • Classified Ads

  • Hub Pages

  • Squdoo Pages

  • Corporate Profiles

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