Digital Marketing for Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing Approach to Increase engineering college admissions

Being an educator, you already know the extensive importance of education. Education helps young minds to reason critically and apply the acquired information to improve their lives. With a wide list of engineering colleges and multiple courses, students have diverse opportunities to earn a college education. As one of the best engineering college, you may offer high-quality education, professional opportunities for students and hands-on training, but that is not sufficient to attract talented students. In the digital age, engineering colleges need to leverage strategies in digital marketing for engineering college admission and to build an online presence.

Students need to understand what you can offer and how you can help them accomplish their lifelong goals. You can reach your prospective students and attract them to your colleges by using digital marketing for engineering colleges effectively. By building an online presence, you can promote your brand, and give insights about your college to your students and their parents.

With this approach, you can attract students locally as well as from other cities. Digital Marketing is an effective method to get new students enrolled at your engineering college in recent years. Online marketing for engineering colleges can help you establish authority and stand out from the competition. However, designing an effective digital marketing strategy is a complex task. You need to have an expert like Kambaa Inc for a reliable digital marketing strategy and Lead generation for engineering college admission.

+ Search engine optimization for Engineering college Admission

SEO is the process of raising your website’s rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, Firefox. Many students and parents use search engines to search for top engineering colleges to find colleges that fit their needs. To reach them during their search process, your website must appear on the first page of the list of engineering colleges search results and for the keywords, they’re using. This can be achieved by having a strong internet marketing for engineering college admission.

Your college must be on the first page of results because most of them don’t click past it. When you are not available on the first page, there are high chances of students never finding your college. This may cost you to lose great candidates to other engineering colleges who also offer similar courses, just because they outrank you. Our professional team at Kambaa is an expert in digital marketing for engineering college and would work efficiently to rank you on the first page of the search results.

+ Local SEO Optimization for Engineering college

Strategically focused, quality web content is one of the most important drivers of SEO for education websites, and this holds for local SEO, too. Careful creation of localized content is one of the best ways in digital marketing for engineering college for your college to rank higher in local listings and reach your target market, and there are several useful ideas to employ toward this end.

While Google search engines tend to localize results in any case, targeting localized keywords can prove quite effective. A fruitful strategy for driving traffic to your site is by including local stem keywords – containing phrases like ‘near’, ‘close to’, ‘located in’ etc.

The advantage this offers for your online marketing for engineering college is clear. Prospective students often make an informed decision and have an idea of where they want to complete their studies, and so might be more likely to use a localized search term. It can also help make sure that your top engineering college reaches your intended target audience and does not draw unwanted enquiries from students in the wrong locations.

+ a) Google My Business for Engineering colleges

When prospective students and their parents search for the best engineering colleges, they often have local intent. That is, they want to find colleges or courses in a specific area. A prospective graduate student, for example, might look for a post-graduate course that is close to where she works. Or think of a parent who researches top engineering colleges for their child. They would want to see colleges that are close to where they live. When parents and prospective students search on Google, they see local results that come directly from Google My Business. That’s how it works.

As such, engineering colleges need to have optimized GMB listings and great Digital marketing tactics for engineering colleges to appear in the front pages. Not only do you need your college to show up; you need yours to stand out from the others. Great photos or reviews that are available right on Google will encourage people to click through to learn more. And this effective strategy in internet marketing for engineering college tend to gain you more click-through rate, which in turn lead to more applicants and more enrollments.

+ b) Bing My places Optimization for Engineering colleges Admission

Bing is dominated by local listings. This makes Bing be a great platform for local businesses and educational institutions. Bing also integrates Facebook into its platform. This is something that is unique to Facebook and helps find the best engineering colleges locally. Optimizing Bing is effortless for experienced digital marketing agencies for engineering college admission. People can see results for their Facebook pages, which include reviews and ratings. When leads come across your listing, you have to provide them with all the information they need about your top engineering college. So, you need to fill out your profile with as much information as possible, include images, reviews and website links for your college. Our award-winning team of experts in digital marketing for engineering college will help you create a listing that helps you bring in more valuable traffic. We’re a full-service digital marketing business that specializes in optimizing Bing local listings. If you want to learn more about how optimizing your Bing local listing can help you drive in more credible traffic, contact us online or call us today to speak with our strategist.

+ Google Ads Strategy for Engineering college

Google’s responsive search ads can help you boost the results of your Google Ads in your digital marketing process for admissions in engineering college. Google is one of the biggest traffic sources for most of the websites, especially those hosted by the best engineering colleges. Each year, a new batch of students who have passed their 12th board exams use the search engine to begin the hunt for the top engineering colleges. The first page of search results is the most sought after space on the web — and an important place for your engineering college, too. To be available on the first page of the search results for Ads, you can use Google’s PPC Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads.

+ a) Pay-per-click (PPC) ads marketing for engineering college admissions

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the methods to market digital marketing for engineering colleges. PPC advertisements are available at the top of the search results. PPC is an excellent way to draw in interested students. These ads will bring in more students who are interested in your college. By utilizing PPC, Kambaa can help you reach more students and get yourself ranked as the best BE/ B Tech college. This can help you earn valuable leads and convert these students into students at your college.

+ b) Display Ads for engineering colleges

Maximize Your Engineering college’s Visibility in online marketing for engineering college admissions using display Ads. Display Ads and Search Ads differ from their placement to their targeting properties and to the actual ad content itself. Both these ads have their portion of pros and cons, but one major benefit of display advertising is the ability to set highly effective, accurate and specific audience targeting parameters. Display ads are displayed everywhere on the internet. These ads have great visibility and appear on over 2 million websites within the Google Display Network. With such an extensive reach, the visibility can be a winning addition to your strategy in digital marketing for engineering college admission. Display ads come in all sizes and shapes, which means you can customize your ads to best represent your engineering college and its message.

+ c) Video Ads for engineering college admissions

Google Ads Video is a great way to connect with your prospective students or parents through YouTube and Google Video ad solutions. This platform has become even more powerful in digital marketing for engineering college admissions due to more people consuming video in recent days. The various video ad formats offered, allows you to customize how your top engineering college wants to deliver the message about your brand and what course your college has to offer. The great thing about ad groups is that within each group you can adjust keywords, topics, audiences and placements. Separating your video creative into ad groups allows each video to have its custom parameters. When creating your college’s video ads, you have to make sure your engineering college is creating content that is relevant and inspires action from your prospective students or parents. Video ads that have direct calls-to-action, relevant headlines and other creative features increase the success of reaching your campaign’s goals. Our professional team are well versed in all these techniques of digital marketing for engineering college and can help you draw the appropriate students for your engineering college.

The three formats offered in Google video Ads are in-search, in-stream and in-display. Each operates a little different from one another, and those variations are worth noting, as they determine how people come into contact with your Video ad and what they must do to reach it. Knowing this will help you in understaning how effectively strategies can be framed in digital marketing for engineering college admission.

In-Stream: These are the Ads that are played at the beginning, middle or the end of YouTube videos. Viewers can skip the ad after 5 seconds from the video beginning. If the video ad is exactly 30 seconds or more than that, then you are charged once the ad reaches the 30-second mark. If you have shorter ads, you are charged only if the entire video is played.

In-Search: These are the Ads that are shown in search results when particular keywords are searched for and are not played until someone selects the video. You are charged when the user selects to play the video

In-Display: These are the Ads that appear next to other videos on the YouTube Watch page and are marked as an ad. You are charged when the user selects to play the video.

You may also see that a single advertisement can appear in any number of forms, letting you test which works best in lead generation for your engineering college admission.

+ Presence on social media for engineering college admissions

Social media is a fundamental strategy in digital marketing for engineering colleges. Parents of your prospective students are also on social media. You should be able to reach and connect with them. There are various social media platforms you can use to connect with your audience. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linked In. These sites enable prospective students to get to know what it is like to be at your college. We make use of this great opportunity to provide students with the information they need. Also by effective digital marketing for admissions in engineering college, we show them why your college is one of the best engineering colleges .

+ Facebook marketing for engineering colleges

Many engineering colleges build their social media online marketing strategies, around creating new posts for their feeds, and can often forget some basic components of their pages as a result. Best Engineering colleges are using Facebook to attract students, their parents and to communicate with their current student groups. And if you look at the colleges that are on top in the list of engineering colleges, you’ll see they’re marketing well on Facebook. They use Facebook to promote their campus culture, share students and alumni stories. It is a great platform to share their accolades as it reaches a larger audience. Top engineering colleges create opportunities for followers to engage in contests and shareable content. While Facebook alone cannot influence students to choose your engineering college but think of it as part of an overall digital marketing strategy for engineering colleges to present a compelling case for why your college should be their top choice. With these metrics in mind, our team at Kambaa works to get new ideas for chasing down more likes and higher engagement on your college’s Facebook page.

+ Instagram marketing for engineeirng colleges

For top engineering colleges, having a great engaging audience on Instagram has been productive. The site has confirmed to be effective in driving brand awareness and engagement, and it has quickly become a necessary tool for connecting with prospective students online. It is one of the most socially engaging platforms, as brand engagement on Instagram is higher than on Facebook and on Twitter. Most of the IG users follow a branded account. Instagram’s visual nature makes it more universal than other social media sites. By highlighting your engineering college's key features, our experts uplift the work being done on campus and project it to your prospective students. This can attract students and be a part of an overall digital marketing strategy for your engineering college.

+ Twitter for engineering college admissions

Great content and a large volume of tweets should be published to have an effective reach that is seen on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But it also implies that sharing the same content various times, even on the same day. Basic engagement in these practices may not be enough to achieve good results for top engineering colleges. Creating excellent content and finding ways to share it broadly via tagging are crucial for success on Twitter in digital marketing for engineering college and our team at Kambaa is effective in achieving it.

+ LinkedIn for engineering college admissions

LinkedIn is one of the most favoured social media platforms to use when researching engineering colleges, after Facebook. LinkedIn pages allow colleges to connect with prospective students at an earlier stage than that is possible on any other social networks. This makes it a perfect platform for student recruitment. To promote their employability and ensure a good job when out of college, students are turning to LinkedIn as a platform on which to follow. Making LinkedIn part of your Strategy in digital marketing for engineering college admission offers a new approach to connecting with prospective students, and show how you meet their career plan.

In addition to including details about your college— such as website details, contact information, history, student and faculty size — LinkedIn is also a platform on which you can immediately share news and events, information on your engineering college’s page as a news feed. The nature of LinkedIn enables a formal form of communication with students showing interest in your university. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which have informal communication, the professional focus of LinkedIn allows online marketing for engineering college admission to capture genuine enthusiasm in their colleges from early on in their decision-making process.

For more information and ideas on how to improve your digital marketing approach for admissions in engineering colleges, connect with our professional team at Kambaa Inc.

+ SMS Marketing for engineering colleges

Text message marketing service not only gives you the capability to send out massive text blasts, but they give you reports to know how well your campaign is doing. Text messages tend to have a very short shelf life, and so you must not send messages much earlier. Because text messaging is comparable to telemarketing, many limitations on it don’t apply to other marketing activities like email.You can create reports on each text campaign that you send and measure the results.

You have to find out what your students need to hear from you and when. The only way to do this is by tracking your reports as you try new ideas. Prospective students and their parents are making one of the toughest decisions of their lives. Getting more personal to them by sending text messages is one way you can show them that you’re one of the top engineering colleges here to help. Text message marketing is a great way to not only drive results in your digital marketing for engineering college plan , but you can also make a difference for the prospective student who needs a helpful, timely guide in this important decision.

+ WhatsApp Marketing for engineering college admissions

It is common in recent years to witness the usage of smartphones by all generations. As WhatsApp is directly linked to prospective students and their parents' phone numbers, the consistent connectivity means a 100 percent “hit rate” for sent messages and hence a reduced response time. Top engineering colleges have successfully used the app as a wherever/whenever communication tool, leveraging its potential for dynamism and speed. The widespread popularity of WhatApp makes them a major distribution channel for top engineering colleges to send out important communications such as application deadlines, upcoming events etc. One-on-one discussions can be productive for developing personal relationships with prospects and their parents. Without the character and text-only limits imposed for Twitter and SMS respectively, WhatsApp messages can integrate maps, images, audio and videos. The “broadcast” feature allows the best engineering colleges to send messages to a larger group at once without the recipients being exposed to one another. This communication medium is efficient in digital marketing for engineering college and can help you gain leads from your prospective students.

+ Email Marketing for engineering college admissions

One of the best ways to involves raising awareness of your school, highlighting its unique strengths and capabilities as well as its location and activities is by Email marketing. When prospective students show interest, continue to reach out to them, to remain a part of their decision. Kambaa with its efficient email marketing strategy shows students that your college is among the top engineering colleges in Coimbatore prompting students to be a part of it

+ Attractive website for engineering colleges

An important element of SEO is providing users with a positive user experience. You want them to like their time on your website. One way you can provide users with a good experience is with your website’s design. Your design has a huge influence on whether or not students have a positive experience. If your website appears old or unattractive, students may leave your site. If they are on your website for the first time, you want them to be able to obtain all the important information they require. You don’t want them to struggle to get important information. Best practices followed at Kambaa make your website attractive, have quick page loading speed by our expert team’s strategies in digital marketing for admissions in engineering college.

Mobile Compatibility

Most of the students and parents prefer to use mobile phones and tablets over desktop computers. Using responsive design, your website displays and functions well on all browsers. Promote content that reads well on mobile screens and allows easy communication via phone or email.Kambaa helps you to develop a mobile-friendly marketing strategy in digital marketing for engineering college admission to not only shows the prospective student that your college is up-to-date but also allows you to effectively reach them.

+ Reputation Management for engineering colleges

Good academic reputation is the most important determinant impacting prospective students' decisions when shortlisting engineering colleges. Establishing a valued identity gives your engineering college a competitive advantage. The reputation for the quality of a college is often more powerful than its actual quality because it signifies the perceived excellence of the institution which leads the choices of prospective students to enrol with your college. Online reputation management surrounds your college with a certain level of credibility. With an effective strategy in digital marketing for engineering college admission, you can stay right in front of their audience whenever they search for some relevant information, making them a committed source of information. For an engineering college, this is a very important factor; the more trust a college creates, the more likely they are to increase the number of admissions. We build engineering college’s reputation by making submissions in famous classifieds like collegedunia, shiksha etc.

Using internet marketing for engineering college admission, leverage your academic reputation with Kambaa Inc's expert team.

+ Referral Marketing for engineering colleges

Referral marketing is spreading the information about a service or product through existing customers, rather than traditional promotions. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly beneficial for colleges. When alumni and existing students tell others about their college's strengths, is also considered a form of referral marketing in digital marketing for engineering college. Word-of-mouth is the idea behind things that go viral. Referral marketing in the digital platform also produces the same effect but is initiated and directed by Digital marketing agencies for engineering college admission.

+ Wikipedia for engineering colleges

Students use Wikipedia extensively during the course-related research process. And many of the colleges are also extensively using online marketing for engineering college admission. Students are frequently using Wikipedia for background information. It matches the requirements of college students because it offers a mixture of coverage, comprehensibility and convenience in a world where reliability is an expectation from today’s students. Students turn to Wikipedia because it: had an easy to use interface, supported them find the meaning of terms, the use of language used about certain topics and up–to–the–minute information. Wikipedia’s biggest value to students may be its strength to ease common difficulties that students initially have when they conduct research. When students are turning in such levels to Wikipedia, your college needs to be available there with impressive information. When you are in search of a Digital marketing agency for engineering college admission to build your credibility, Kambaa Inc's professional team can help you earn dependability through Wikipedia and draw students for your college.

Kambaa Inc offers the best digital marketing for engineering college service that can help your college attract brand awareness, drive traffic and convert leads. Contact us today, to know more about how Kambaa can help your college attract students online, drive traffic and convert leads.

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